What is SuccessBux?

SuccessBux is basically a Paid-To-Click and Get-Paid-To program offering reasonable earning opportunity to affiliates while delivering best result through our quality advertising options.

How old is SuccessBux?

SuccessBux is proud to serve the affiliates and advertisers since November 6th, 2012.


When are the purchased services credited?

The services including but not limited to Memberships, Advertising and Referrals are usually credited instantly or within few minutes of the purchase.


How do I get the Earned amount from SuccessBux?

We offer payouts through PayPal, PayZa and many other processors. You can request your earned money as soon as you cross the minimum payout threshold.

What is the minimum Payout?

The minimum payout for Standard and Premium Members is $1.

When are Requested Payouts sent?

Payments can take upto 7 business days from the requested date. However, they are usually sent within 24 hours of payout request.

Do I need to invest to get a payment?

SuccessBux never ask members to invest in order to get payment. You can always get your payment to available payment processor account without any need of making any purchases/investments. Successbux is & always will be Free to join, earn and cashout!

Paid to Signup

How can I earn from Paid to Signup(PTSU) feature?

Navigate, to Paid to Signup page and you'll find many micro jobs listed from which you can earn through completion of task according to details given in that PTSU job. Also, make sure to only submit the task when you have fully completed the work as described.

Why my PTSU Ad got "Approval Denied"?

The most common mistake advertisers do while making a PTSU ad is that they don't give the details of task to be accomplished by the user in Description of PTSU ad. Please be very brief in explaining to user what to do in this task and make sure the task can be done & submitted within 4 days since started.

What can I do if my PTSU Ad got denied?

You can delete that PTSU Ad and the PTSU credits you allotted to it will be credited back to your successbux account PTSU credits balance. You can then make a new PTSU Ad with proper and brief description of task, and can assign those credits to it!

I have completed and submitted a PTSU task but it is showing "Advertiser Approval Needed"

When you properly perform all the instructed actions and submit the task, it goes for manual approval to advertiser. Once he approves it, you get credited with the value of that task. But in case advertiser didn't approved your submission for 14 days since your submit, you will automatically be credited with that task value.

Paid to Click

I am not being credited from my clicks

Make sure you are not on any proxy or VPN network and using browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox etc with javascript and plugins enabled.


I am not getting credited from completed offers/videos/tasks

If you completed offer properly, then you will not need to worry about crediting, some times it takes few hours for the network to confirm transactions but you will be credited if submitted/completed offer as described in its details.


What is Purchase Balance? How to increase it?

Purchase balance is the balance which is used to make purchases at successbux. You can add funds to it through any of the available payment processors from here:


Why my account is on Hold?

Our automated system is always working behind the scenes to detect any cheating, fraud or any terms of service (TOS) violation. When your account is found to be doing any of these things, our system automatically applies limitation to your account.

My login is blocked

It occurs when your IP address matches the IP address of other user at successbux. Usually it happens with users having dynamic IP addresses. The best solution is to reboot your internet router/modem in such case when you are unable to login due to IP match. This changes the IP address again and you may be able to login successfully.

I forgot the PIN or I do not know the PIN code or I want to reset the PIN.

You can request new PIN from here:

It will be delivered to your email address. Make sure to check your Junk/Spam folder in case if you donot find it in Inbox even after couple of minutes. Add the following email address in your contacts to avoid this inconvenience otherwise:

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